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Engineering Solutions Through Innovation | Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal, Systems, and Testing Services
Engineering Capabilities Overview
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TAG is an engineering solutions company that researches, designs, manufactures, integrates, and operates advanced information technologies for the military and government. TAG designs, develops, and fabricates custom built rugged computer systems using high-performance materials to protect a wide range of sensitive devices and controls. TAG’s core competencies reside in its Advanced Engineering Concepts Center (AECC), where it designs, develops, tests, and manufactures rugged Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment for defense, federal, industrial, and commercial markets.

Specializing in innovative solutions to unique IT Challenges, TAG provides rugged computer systems engineering and manufacturing, tactical systems integration, environmental testing, and program lifecycle management support. Our strength as a company lies in our adaptability and flexibility to meet various customer requirements. Through our end-to-end commitment to client satisfaction, TAG’s advanced technology solutions help support our customers’ missions from concept through deployment.


Advanced Engineering Concepts

Our strength lies in our ability to quickly and efficiently develop resolutions to IT challenges with reliable and cost-effective IT hardware systems that incorporates our expertise in advanced mechanical, electrical, thermal, and systems engineering. From large systems to Small Form Factor (SSF) electronics, TAG will take the headaches and guesswork out of the IT requirements of your program.

| Requirements Definition
| Systems Engineering
| Thermal Engineering
| Mechanical Engineering
| Electrical Engineering


Tactical Systems Manufacturing and Integration

TAG’s 35,000 square foot Advanced Engineering and Tactical Systems Manufacturing Center features a state-of-the-art production floor and multiple testing sites for the manufacturing and integration of our innovative IT solutions for military and industrial applications. TAG’s manufacturing and integration services include the rapid production of custom hardware and the integration of total turnkey systems. TAG’s proven manufacturing and acquisition process reduces cost and expedites delivery schedules. Additionally, we offer a variety of integration services including component identification, system ruggedization, vendor selection, inventory management, thermal optimization, power distribution, and weight balancing.

| Contract Manufacturing
| Transit Case Integration
| Rack-Mount Integration
| Vehicle Integration
| System Inspections
| Supply Chain Management


Tactical Systems Testing and Reliability Analysis

TAG also offers testing and reliability analysis for all tactical systems. TAG’s on-site testing equipment includes a Accelerated Reliability Testing Chamber, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing chamber, and reliability modeling software. All systems are built to survive a variety of military and industry specified regulations. Leveraging our advanced engineering laboratories to provide design verification and physical environmental testing equipment enables our engineers to support a wide variety of projects.

| Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
| Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS)
| Highly Accelerated Stress Audit (HASA)
| Accelerated Environmental Stress Screening (AccESS)
| Accelerated Thermal Aging


Product Lifecycle Management

TAG understands that projects and programs rely on their IT systems to keep them up and running. From storing mission critical data to controlling machine automation, our systems are built for reliability and sustainment of operations. Our dedicated program management staff oversees each step of the project identifying the specification of requirements, configuration and change management, and coordination of delivery and installation activities.

| Product Management
| Risk Management
| Configuration Management
| Product Roadmaps
| Obsolescence Transition Planning
| Systems Delivery, Installation and Training


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Advanced Engineering Concepts
Systems Testing and Reliability Analysis
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Product Lifecycle Management

Testing Capabilities
TAG PPS GPS-S AN/GSN-16 Fully Militarized Survey System

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