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Federal Systems
Federal Systems

Never before has there been such a spotlight on our Nation’s Homeland Security. The safety of our citizens depends on dozens of Federal and State agencies working together to protect our borders, coastlines, airports, states, cities, and counties. In addition to protection, our Federal Agencies are focusing on preparedness and continuity of operations for when disaster strikes. Many of the agencies responsible for this critical task rely on complex infrastructures for constant monitoring and immediate response.

TAG supports these Federal and State agencies by providing advanced IT hardware systems for deployment into unstable environments. TAG provides systems integration of total solutions including deployable communications terminals, data collection, and surveillance and reconnaissance – with particular focus on interoperability amongst systems and agencies. Additionally, our systems for the Federal Civilian market include rugged notebooks, servers, displays, storage devices, and handheld devices.

TAG’s engineering capabilities include an advanced understanding of the demands of technology on-the-move. With over 20 years of experience providing deployable hardware for the military, TAG can provide cost-effective solutions for any requirement. TAG also understands the strain that IT systems face when in the field – our solutions are designed to meet shock and vibration, high and low temperatures, sand and dust, and water and other liquids.

Our engineering process begins at the concept phase where we design solutions tailored for specific Homeland Security applications. This advanced engineering focus on customer requirements continues through the design, testing, and manufacturing stages. Finally, our world-class program management team supports the solution long after deployment – making sure nothing gets in the way of your mission to protect our Nation’s Homeland Security.

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