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Monitor Critical Data with TAG Rugged Displays
Download PDF: SV-100-MDVR Rugged Mobile Digital Recorder

TAG®’s rugged LCD displays and keyboards are a high-performance, reliable solution to maximize visualization in harsh environments. Our LCD display and keyboard solutions are perfect for a variety of applications where space, weight, and the environment are critical.

High Performance: Featuring advanced LED backlighting technology, our rugged displays are ideal for sunlight readability and NVIS compliant night vision operations. Our touch screen technology is based on projected capacitive sensors that offer highly dependable touch accuracy, protects impacts & scratches, and works with gloved or ungloved fingers. We also offer a variety of diferent touch screen options.

Flexible Peripherals: Rugged display sizes ranging from 10” to 24” inches, standard & widescreen formats, single & dual display designs, and integrated weather proof keyboards & pointing devices. All provide an end-product that is tailored to meet the demands of the mission.

Multiple Mounting Options: Whether it’s a rugged display for in-vehicle operations, deployable transit cases, or shipboard applications, we build trusted reliability when it’s needed. Our LK Series of displays provide robust mounting options allowing it to fit in just about any space.

Customizable Communications: Easy access communication ports can be sealed to protect against the harshest environments. Integrated speakers with audio input combine to create excellent sound. Power connections support standard or MIL-SPEC connectors.

Rugged Architecture: Our rugged display housing is made of heavy-duty aluminum for lightweight durability, corrosion resistance in humid climates, increased thermal conductivity, and non-magnetic for minimizing magnetic interference. Conformal coated electronics to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

Environmentally Ready: Our in-house testing facility uses thermal simulation and finite element analysis, performed using thermal analysis software, to ensure that our rugged computer systems and instruments are designed and built to survive the full range of harsh thermal environments encountered by land, air, or sea.

Let Us Solve Your Challenges: Contact one our Business Development Managers to find how TAG can help Plan, Design, and Build your next rugged computer system.

1-800-TAG-POWER (1-800-824-7693)

LK-2000-19SH Rugged 19" Touch Screen Display
LK-1000-19SM - 1U Rack-Mount Rugged Display
LK-1000-19ST - 1U Rack-Mount Rugged Display
LK-2200-19S 2U Rack-Mount Rugged Dual-Display
LK-3200-19ST - 3U Rack-Mount Rugged Dual-Display w/Integrated Keyboard & Trackball
LK-3200-24W 24" Widescreen Wall-Mount Rugged Display
LK-1000-M - 1U Rack-Mount Rugged Keyboard
LK-1000-T - 1U Rack-Mount Rugged Keyboard

Rugged. Reliable. Ready.

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