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Rugged Storage Solutions
Rugged Network Attached Storage (R-NAS) Server Overview

TAG’s Rugged Network Attached Storage (R-NAS) Server is an alternative to the storage area network (SAN), where devices communicate using the block-based protocol over dedicated Fibre Channel or Internet Protocol (IP) network. R-NAS devices are connected to a shared local area network (LAN); reducing overheads, while also reducing latency. R-NAS uses file based protocols such as Network File System (NFS),

Microsoft’s Common Internet File System (CIFS/SMB) and AppleTalk, providing heterogeneous data sharing.

R-NAS, which is powered by Open-E software, combines the ease of management of NAS with the performance and scalability of SANs. It offers the best combination of scalability, reliability, availability, and performance. NAS software includes a complete operating system, which turns a rugged computer system into a R-NAS storage server in about 10 minutes. Pre-installation of the OS on the secured IDE flash ensures minimum downtime and the protection of the OS against viruses. File servers based on the NAS software deliver significant ease of use, and performance enabling organizations to automate and simplify their data management.

Rugged Network Attached Storage (R-NAS) Storage Server Highlights
  • Superior performance – high data throughput with optimized storage software and adaptive load balancing

  • Maximum system and data availability – built-in agents for backup software, OS on secured IDE

  • Flash drive, minimized downtime

  • Simplified storage management

  • Comprehensive data protection with integrated data software suite

  • Instantaneous cross-platform file-sharing

  • Designed to meet MIL-STDs in a tactical environment

Rugged Network Attached Storage (R-NAS) Storage Server Features
  • Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Secured Administration Access

  • File System With Journaling Support

  • Resource and User Access Control

  • User Disk Quota Control

  • Superuser

  • Local Backup with Scheduling

  • Backup Agent Support

  • Data Synchronization

  • Network Transport Protocols

  • Network Client Support
    • Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, Apple OS 9.0 and OS X

  • ACL (Access Control List)

  • Windows Active Directory / NT Primary Domain Controller support

  • External LDAP Servers

  • Support for Network Information Service (NIS)

  • Multi-Snapshot with the scheduling function

  • Multiple Logical Volume Groups

  • Online Logical Volume Expansion

  • UPS Support

  • Network UPS

  • Standard Gateway Support

  • DHCP Server Support

  • Multiple Network Interface Card (NIC) Support

  • Adapter Fault Tolerance (AFT)*
  • Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB)*

  • 10 Gb Ethernet with TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE)

  • Fibre Channel Support

  • RAID Interface Support
    • ATA/SATA/SCSI RAID controllers of 3ware, Adaptec, ICP Vortex, Intel, LSI Logic

  • Email Notification

  • Console Tools

  • Log Function

  • LCD Panel Support

  • No individual client or server licenses are required

*Adaptive Load Balancing and Adapter Fault Tolerance are supported for Intel NIC's only.

Rugged Network Attached Storage (R-NAS) Storage Server Rugged Highlights
  • Hot-swappable redundant drives

  • Environmentally protected aluminum-alloy strain hardened and stabilized chassis

  • Worldwide auto-switching power supply

Environmental Specifications
  • Operating (O) Temperature: Designed to meet 0ºC to 50ºC

  • Non-Operating (N) Temperature: Designed to meet -40ºC to 70ºC

  • Humidity: Designed to meet 10% to 95% (non-condensing)

  • Operating Low Pressure (Altitude): Designed to meet 15,000 ft.

  • Non-Operating Low Pressure (Altitude): Designed to meet 40,000 ft.

  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-810F: Fungus; Sand and Dust; Vibration; Shock

  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-167-1: Mechanical Vibration on Shipboard Equipment

  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-901D: Grade A: Shock

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