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Rugged Servers & Rugged Computer Workstations
SV-Series Featured Product - SV-1200-IX GEMINI - Rugged 1U Dual-Server Suite
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Rugged Computer Systems for the Rugged Environment
Download PDF: SV-100-MDVR Rugged Mobile Digital Recorder

All of TAG®’s Rugged Servers and Rugged Computer Workstations are the culmination of our world-class engineering, manufacturing and integration, and lifecycle support. Our engineers build rack-mount servers and ultra-mobile small form factor computer systems that are configured and ruggedized to meet customer requirements.

Versatile Performance: Our rugged servers feature the latest Intel® & AMD® single and multi-core processors to provide performance-packed and energy-efficient systems. We also feature ATI® and NVIDIA® graphics cards specially selected to meet the demands of your mission.

Accessibility & Expansion: We offer multi-panel accessible I/O ports and hot-swappable components such as hard drives and tape drives. Our rugged computer systems support a number of PCI expansion slots and PICMG® compatible backplanes for greater reliability.

Flexible Platforms: As a Microsoft® Certified Partner our rugged computer systems support a number of Windows® operating systems and others such as Sun® Solaris™, Linux®, Redhat®, and Wind River®.

Virtual Management: By consolidating servers through virtualization, IT managers can reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and conserve resources. We also offer complete hardware and OS independent remote management solutions on select configurations.

Rugged Architecture: The housing of our rugged computer systems is made of an aluminum chassis & components for lightweight durability, corrosion resistance in humid climates, increased thermal conductivity, and non-magnetic for minimizing electromagnetic interference. Conformal coated electronics protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

Environmentally Ready: Our in-house testing facility uses thermal simulation and finite element analysis, performed using thermal analysis software, to ensure that our rugged computer systems and instruments are designed and built to survive the full range of harsh thermal environments encountered by land, air, or sea.

Let Us Solve Your Challenges: Contact one our Business Development Managers to find how TAG can help Plan, Design, and Build your next rugged computer system.

1-800-TAG-POWER (1-800-824-7693)

SV-10-IA Mini Brick Rugged Computer System
SV-20 Field-Upgradable Brick™  Rugged Computer System
SV-20-IP Ultra-Mobile Brick™  Rugged Computer System
SV-1200-IX Gemini™ - 1U Rack-Mount Dual-Server Suite  Rugged Computer System
SV-1000-IX Rack-Mount Server  Rugged Computer System
SV-2000-IX Rack-Mount Server  Rugged Computer System
SV-4000-IX Rack-Mount Server  Rugged Computer System SV-4100-IX Rack-Mount PICMG Server w/14-Slot PCI Backplane  Rugged Computer System  Rugged Computer System Transit Case Integration
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