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The All-In-One Mobile Workstation
Download PDF: SV-100-MDVR Rugged Mobile Digital Recorder

TAG®’s Smart Display family of rugged all-in-one Panel PCs introduces a new era of tactical computing. Utilizing the latest in COTS technology, our Smart Displays deliver a reliable & cost effective solution guaranteed to survive in the toughest environments.

Tactical Displays: Night vision & sunlight readability options, supported by advanced LED backlighting technology, enhance visual awareness. Featuring the toughest touch screen technology while protecting against scratches & impacts increases touch accuracy with gloved hands.

Powerful Components: Available with the latest Intel® Core® or Atom™ family of processors for robust configuration options. Mobile architectures require less power and run at lower temperatures extending the life of the product. The display is capable of real-time High-Definition video streaming, recording, and compression.

Tough Communications: Vibration-isolate, hot-swappable hard drives protect against shock & vibration. Choose Solid-State Drives (SSD) to increase data rates. Sealed communication ports defend the system from harsh environments and power connections support standard or MIL-SPEC connectors.

Deploy Anywhere: Robust display sizes & mounting options allow operations to be conducted in rugged vehicles, shipboard locations, and industrial VESA mounting applications. Lightweight & thin designs take up less space and increase portability. Sealed or air breathing chassis are ready for the most extreme environments.

Rugged Architecture: Aluminum chassis & components for light weight durability, corrosion resistance in humid climates, increased thermal conductivity, and non-magnetic for minimizing magnetic interference. Conformal coated electronics protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

Environmentally Ready: Our in-house testing facility uses thermal simulation and finite element analysis, performed using thermal analysis software, to ensure that systems and instruments are designed and built to survive the full range of harsh thermal environments encountered by land, air, or sea.

Let Us Solve Your Challenges: Contact one our Business Development Managers to find how TAG can help Plan, Design, and Build your next system.

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SD-2000 - Field-Upgradable Panel-PC™
SD-2000-IC-15W - Rugged Panel-PC