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Storage Solutions
What is iSCSI?

Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) is a process for linking data storage facilities and hardware over IP-networks. In the past, redundant storage systems relied on bulky cables for information sharing, but the introduction of IP –based iSCSI technology increases the capabilities and performance of networks. iSCSI technology also offers major benefits to rugged and industrial environments by ensuring the reliable storage of mission critical information while reducing costs and maximizing resources. The integration of rugged hardware such as Storage Area Networks (SAN) and RAIDS, creates robust and reliable networks outside of the standard data center environments. TAG hardware has proven performance in all types of harsh environments, including shipboard, aerospace, and in-theater applications.

TAG’s ruggedized iSCSI technology (R-iSCSI), storage solutions fitted into a 1U, 2U, or 4U form factor, is powered by Open-E software, which increases the capabilities and performance of storage data transmission in the SAN market. It offers the best combination of data throughput, security, compatibility, management, cost effectiveness and flexibility. Integrated technologies from SAN, like snapshot with scheduling, IPsec, Adaptive Load Balancing, Online Logical Volume Expansion, multi-CPU support, and real time synchronous volume replication, make R-iSCSI a serious alternative to Fibre Channel SANs.

Why iSCSI?
  • Cost-Effective: Consolidate hardware and resources through advanced technology
  • Flexible: Eliminates physical limitations of dedicated storage networks
  • Remote Access: Allows to quickly and easily manage and allocate server and storage resources
  • Superior performance: High data throughput with optimized storage software, Adaptive Load Balancing, 10 GB Ethernet, Fibre Channel storage expansion, and multi-CPU support
  • Reliable: Multiple-redundant drives for reliable storage of the most sensitive of data

  • Storage networks
  • Upgrades: Upgrade existing Fiber Channel Networks to iSCSI
  • Server Virtualization: Starting with version 3.0, VMWare ESX supports iSCSI storage arrays
  • Multi-site Replication: Increases redundancy and allows for hardware to communicate without being physically connected
  • Offsite Backup

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