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Rugged Storage Solutions
Rugged Storage Solutions Overview

TAG’s rugged storage server is a robust solution designed specifically for rugged environments. As one of the most flexible rugged storage solutions available, it is ideal with iSCSI, NAS, or DSS architectures. The 4U solution accepts multiple RAID and hard drive options and also offers scalability for legacy systems or future upgrades. The storage solution server is designed to meet a variety of military and industrial standards to keep networks up and running and reduce the loss of critical information.

Chassis and Power Specifications
  • 4U Environmentally protected 5052 aluminum alloy strain-hardened and stabilized chassis
  • Dimensions: 7”H x 19”W x 20”D
  • Heavy-duty locking rack-mount slide rails
  • Power Supply: Rear accessible dual redundant hot-swap, auto-sensing
  • Power Input: AC input

RAID Subsystem and Hard Drives
  • SAS / SATA Hard Drive Compatibility
    • 15 drive capacity
    • 4.5TB / 6.0TB raw capacity with enterprise grade storage (24/7, 10K/15K)
    • 15TB raw capacity with nearline grade storage (24/7, 7.2K)

  • RAID Controller
    • Rear swappable
    • Dual (2) host
    • Fiber Channel, SCSI, or SAS host interface
    • Monitors power supply status
    • Monitors chassis health and controls fan speed

  • Hard Drive Backplane
    • Dedicated “zero cable” backplane
    • Advanced thermal design includes openings to adequately cool the hard drives and electronic subassemblies of the overall system

Optional: Storage Engine
  • Scalable Performance Based On System Throughput Demands
    • cPCI processor blade based processing engine
    • Intel® Pentium®-M, Core™ 2 Duo, and Dual Dual-Core™ Xeon® platforms available

Protocol Engines Available
  • iSCSI Features
    • iSCSI target functionality
    • 256 hosts
    • WEB based administration utility
    • Multiple snapshots and scheduling
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) (v2 & v3)
    • Block level replication when connected to a second TAG iSCSI storage server
    • Allows economical centralization of storage without the usual expense and incompatibility normally associated with Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs)
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) Features
    • Supported Network Clients and Network File Protocols
      • CIFS (Common Internet File System)/Enterprise
      • NFS (Network File System)
      • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
      • Secure FTP
      • Apple Talk
    • Windows Active Directory / Primary Domain Controller Support
    • Built in antivirus scanning
    • WEB based administration utility
    • Snapshot
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) (v2 & v3)
    • Cross data synchronization, when connected to a second TAG NAS storage server

  • DSS (Data Storage Solution) Features
    • Combined iSCSI and NAS Functionality in one solution

TAG Storage Solution Options
Hard Drives
RAID Storage Engine
SAS SAS ISCSI Intel® Pentium® M
SATA Fibre Channel
NAS Intel® Core™ 2 Duo
SCSI DSS Intel® Dual Core™ Dual Xeon®

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