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TAG Product Legacy

TAG has deployed across the globe over 20,000 custom designed rugged computer systems to defense, federal, and industrial customers. A tradition of excellence has been at the core of every system TAG builds. Every system has been custom designed to meet specific customer requirements, and have been deployed around the world in support of multiple applications. With multiple decades of pertinent experience designing rugged computer systems and electronics, TAG’s strength lies in our ability to quickly and efficiently provide our customers with custom designed solutions engineered to meet program specific requirements. Our systems are designed to endure harsh temperatures, shock, vibration, and other environmental factors found in military and industrial applications. From the modernization of systems to the complete manufacturing of state-of-the-art equipment, our engineers are capable of conceptualizing, designing, testing, and deploying your next system. TAG’s engineers strive for innovation where original ideas are on high demand. TAG gets it done when others fail.

TAG VITA 73 Spartan 6 Frame Grabber

Legacy: Embedded Systems

One of TAG's designs coming out of its Advanced Engineering Concepts Center is redesigning PCI Systems CameraLink Video Capture Engine into the VITA 73 rugged Small Form Factor (SSF) transfer engine for real-time image processing. TAG’s embedded frame grabber was designed for interchangeable multi-slot 3U / 6U ultra-mobile form factors, VPX / cCPI / Vita 73 platforms, and rugged routers featuring advanced integrated technology. TAG also custom designed a SSF Compute Engine for the 2nd Generation TC-200 TAG Commander rugged tablet that was powered by Intel's Atom processor, included up-to 2GB of memory, and could handle real-time encryption of multiple communication streams. TAG focuses on building custom computer systems from the board level up to fully integrated systems that feature a number of advanced electronics.

Our system engineers and program managers work closely with our customers from the very beginning to conceptualize and refine the technical requirements of the overall system architecture to withstand rugged environments. Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), thermal simulation, and Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) allows us to uncover design requirements and engineer machines that will withstand the rigors of deployment where shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, sand, dust, rain, and other environmental factors can be hazardous to electronics.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Embedded Systems

TAG Commander TC-301

Legacy: Rugged Tablets and Handhelds

TAG has been designing custom tablets for rugged environments for nearly a decade. The first generation TAG Commander® rugged tablet, TC-100, was deployed as a maintenance device for the radios used for airborne and maritime tactical radio system networks. The second generation TAG Commander, TC-200, was custom designed for 3D machine control guidance giving heavy equipment operators in construction, excavation, and land management access to precision accuracy while out in the field. The most recent configurations of the TAG Commander®, the TC-300 and TC-301, were custom designed for GPS land surveying operations. The TC-300 included a civilian-grade GPS module, whereas the TC-301 includes the Military-Grade Multi-GNSS module with assured PNT for ALL precise modes of operation.

TAG’s custom designed rugged tablets can be specifically configured for tactical military operations, unmanned systems robotic controllers, machine control automation, and battlefield visibility positioning. Our chassis options can support up-to IP-67 and MIL-STD-810G requirements helping protect internal components against sand, dust, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Our ergonomic rugged tablets are custom designed for deployable operations where lightweight and small footprint form factors help increase mobility. Units can be quickly attached or removed from vehicles, pole mounts, and other unique mounting situations with minimal interruption between deployment stations. Because the products can be fully customizable our customers have the flexibility to field a cost effective solution that meets their exact mission requirements and is optimized for Size, Weight & Power (SWaP).

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Tablets

TAG Rugged Smart Displays / Panel PCs

Legacy: Rugged Smart Displays / Panel PCs

Featuring Field-Upgradable CPU® and embedded modules options for varying levels of performance, TAG's rugged smart displays and all-in-one panel PCs have been mounted to bulkheads, racks, and in other unique locations most manufacturers can't support. Since all rugged smart displays are custom designed, TAG has built models with multiple display sizes, different touch screen technologies, and integrated with wireless communications. Utilizing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology, our Smart Displays deliver a reliable & cost effective solution guaranteed to survive in the toughest environments.

With vibration-isolated hot-swappable hard drives, help protect sensitive data against damaged caused from shock and vibration. Choose Solid-State Drives (SSD) to increase data rates, sealed communication ports defend the system from harsh environments, and power connections support standard or MIL-SPEC connectors. TAG Smart Displays have robust display sizes, and mounting options that allow operations to be conducted in rugged vehicles, shipboard locations, and industrial VESA mounted applications. Lightweight and thin designs take up less space, and help increase the portability of the system. Available with sealed or air breathing chassis allows the customer to define how rugged of a system is required for some of the most extreme environments.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Smart Displays

TAG MIL-BOOK® Mobile Workstation

Legacy: Rugged MIL-BOOK® Workstations

TAG's custom designed rugged workstation, known as the MIL-BOOK®, was part of a custom designed Airframe Mounted Application Gateway (AMAG) that features a TAG 15" Smart Display that is powered by Intel mobile technology, and mounted to a tactical keyboard / trackball base chassis. Enhanced with LED backlight and anti-reflective technology combine to create unmatched sunlight readability when deployed. A lightweight and thin design added to the many other enhancements makes the MIL-BOOK ideal for military operations, public safety vehicles, and other demanding industries where non-rugged workstations do not measure up.

The MIL-BOOK®, provides customers with a custom designed mobile workstation that offers durability, functionality, and reliability for use in any environment. All of our rugged workstation systems come with wireless capabilities and with a variety of options to fulfill the toughest of requirements. The housing is made of 5052 aluminum chassis & components for lightweight durability, corrosion resistance in humid climates, increased thermal conductivity, and non-magnetic for minimizing electromagnetic interference. Optional conformal coated electronics help protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. The MIL-BOOK® was built to survive environments where sand, dust, water, shock, vibration, EMI, and extreme temperatures are encountered. Accelerated reliability testing is conducted to ensure data is protected from severe jolts, and repetitive vibration while sealed components are protected against damage encountered in the field.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Workstations

TAG Ultra-Mobile Rugged Computers

Legacy: Ultra-Mobile Rugged Computers

TAG has designed a number of Small Form Factor (SSF) rugged computer systems that are built around specific Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements. The SSF chassis are easily mounted inside a number of military and commercial vehicles where space is limited. Built with a rugged aluminum housing and solid-state technology, TAG's ultra-mobile computers are designed to withstand the varying levels of shock and vibration of physical transport. These units have been custom built for a range of applications including mobile communications, video surveillance, and machine control. Engineered for military-grade performance and operating conditions, these ultra-mobile rugged computers were also deployed in the security, maritime, oil and gas, mining, and construction sectors.

Our engineers build ultra-compact, Small Form Factor (SSF) computers that are configured to meet customer requirements, and feature the latest Intel® single and multi-core processors to provide performance-packed and energy-efficient systems. Because our ultra-mobile computers are custom designed, our engineers have the flexibility to choose the right components that are compatible with the customer's operating system of choice such as Windows®, Oracle® Solaris™, Linux®, redhat®, Wind River®, ubuntu®, and Android™.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Ultra-Mobile Rugged Computers

TAG Rugged Servers & Storage Solutions

Legacy: Rugged Servers and Storage Solutions

All of TAG’s rugged servers and storage solutions deployed overs the past three decades are the culmination of our world-class engineering, manufacturing and integration, and life cycle management. Our engineers have built traditional 19" rack-mount servers, unique sized rack-mount servers for special compact transit cases to 42U integrated solutions, and advanced desktop computers that are configured to meet specific customer requirements. TAG also understands the value of virtual environments, and has developed 2-in-1 dual-server suites such as the SV-1200-IX Gemini which includes two completely independent mini-servers housed inside a single 1U chassis with integrated remote management technologies specifically designed for virtual server platforms.

All of TAG’s rugged Servers and Workstations are the culmination of our world-class engineering, manufacturing and integration, and lifecycle support. We offer multi-panel accessible I/O ports, and hot-swappable components such as hard drives and tape drives. Our systems support a number of PCI expansion slots, and PICMG® compatible backplanes for greater reliability. By consolidating servers through virtualization, IT managers can reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and conserve resources. We also offer complete hardware and OS independent remote management solutions on select configurations.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Servers & Storage Solutions

TAG Rugged Displays & Keyboards

Legacy: Rugged Displays and Keyboards

We’ve designed rugged displays as small as 7” and as large as 24” inches, both standard and widescreen formats, single and dual display designs, and integrated waterproof keyboards and pointing devices across a number of projects. TAG rugged displays and keyboards are compatible with all major operating systems, and offer multiple options to connect with other devices such as the servers and workstations. With a variety of interchangeable options, our rugged displays and keyboard solutions are perfect for a variety of applications including, deployable communications, and situational awareness. All TAG rugged displays and keyboards provide an end-product that is custom tailored to meet the requirements of the program.

TAG’s rugged displays and keyboards are a high-performance, reliable solution to maximize visualization in harsh environments. Our LCD display and keyboard solutions are perfect for a variety of applications where space, weight, and the environment are critical. All rugged systems provide an end-product that is custom tailored to meet the requirements of the program. Whether it’s a display for in-vehicle operations, deployable transit cases, or shipboard applications, TAG builds rugged displays and keyboards that can be mounted in multiple locations. Our rugged displays provide robust rack-mount, console, bulkhead, desktop, and other mounting options allowing it to fit in just about any space.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Displays & Keyboards

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